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The NWK Loyalty programme aims to reward any person or organisation who conducts business with NWK Trade and NWK Grain for their loyalty. It also serves as an incentive for agricultural producers to obtain shares in the company and for entities, the public and personnel to do more purchases. Loyalty points earned from 1 May 2017 is converted to rand value after the financial year-end. This website is where you will find all the answers on any questions about the NWK Loyalty programme.


Who would not choose to earn points while focusing on your business? By registering, shareholders, producer clients, entities, the public and personnel of NWK qualify for loyalty points. The more business is done with NWK, the greater the benefits earned (subject to NWK’s profitability).

Frequently asked questions

  • What does NWK’s Loyalty programme entail?
  • How does it work?
  • Who may take part?
  • Do NWK’s personnel qualify for the programme?
  • How are the loyalty points calculated?
  • What is the timespan of the programme?
  • What kind of financial benefits does the programme have for me?
  • What differentiates it from other programmes?
  • Do current clients benefit from it?
  • Is the programme managed transparently?
  • Does all the business that I do with NWK qualify for loyalty points?
  • Can I apply the credit to pay my NWK account?
  • Can the shares be offered as security for financing?
  • Do the shares qualify for dividend distribution?
  • How can I take part?

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